Captain Tub

Captain Tub enriches the Captain family's offer. It's a comfortable tub chair, with sinuous and elegant outline, for meeting rooms, conference and waiting.


Captain Lounge

Captain Lounge is a comfortable and sinuous armchair, with an ample and relazing seat. Its essential profile and spacious seat, make it comfortable and ideal for waiting or for a meeting. Captain Lounge comes with leather or fabric upholstery. It is avaliable as a 4-spoke swivel chair with an aluminium, chromed or black steel rod or with wooden base.


North Cape

When two different cultures meet with the same goal, the result is amazing. This is the case of the executive-seat program North Cape, commissioned by Narbutas, a large northern European reality, and designed by the Italian designers Baldanzi & Novelli. The goal was to create products with a very strong identity, so as to become an icon for the company. And so North Cape was born, which synergistically completed its range of office furniture. A collection of chairs characterized by simple and clean-cut lines, softened edges and slim thicknesses. The strong personality is found in the contrast between the harmony of the backrest and the strong orthogonal lines of the armrest.



New Tecton is the new program of executive seats, with a marked design and clean shape. Aesthetic details and essential elegance hide a state-of-the-art mechanics that gives comfort and ensures maximum safety in use, as required by international standards. The lumbar support and the seat depth can be easily adjusted. Available with fixed or adjustable armrests, with padded backrest or in the innovative net and exposed frame version. All this is New Tecton, the seat that bases its innovation on comfort and design.



Versatile, beautiful and elegant, Matrix is ​​the small armchair suitable for waiting and to better welcome visitors. Ideal for the desk front, it is easily adaptable to any type of office. The back, the distinguishing feature of Matrix, becomes an armrest and is fixed into the structure attached to the chromed tubular frame; it is available with a sled base, with four legs or a swivel base. The comfortable seat is padded while the backrest can be coated or not, either in fabric or leather. Available in single colour and double colours.



Twinkle is a chair for children that grows with them. In addition to being designed with children and all of their needs in mind, Twinkle transforms and adapts to a child’s body, accompanying them through the development stages from 6 to 12 years of age. A real challenge in terms of design, both because a child’s body transforms so much during that time as they develop from a child into a young person, but above all because Twinkle’s adjustment mechanisms are so easy to use …real child’s play! But Twinkle is also many other things. Twinkle is fun, beautiful, safe and extremely comfortable! In addition to perfect ergonomics and the safety certificates about to be obtained, Twinkle also has fully removable covers and all of its upholstery can be purchased individually so you can give it a new look whenever you want. Useful and fun accessories to complete the chair include: a bag rest on the base of the chair, which is also a sky of Twinkles that can be slotted in and out and light up at night, and armrest containers for storing games and personal items.


My Chair

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! My Chair really is beautiful! However, this feature alone is not enough to describe My Chair. In fact, the attractive design of this office armchair conceals advanced technical characteristics in the use of materials. 

The main elements of My Chair (backrest, mechanics and seat) are assembled using just a few screws, whilst the armrests and seat components simply click into place. 

That way it can be assembled by anyone and in a short space of time. Available in many different colours, it decorates and adds a strong personality to any work place.



Multi-faceted and complete, this chair is suitable for all types of environments and needs. At home, in the office, in public spaces and waiting areas, Yu is always perfect, balanced and elegant.

Extremely comfortable, beautiful and stackable, it is made entirely of nylon, a fully recyclable material.

The rugged backrest moulded in two materials is equipped with a patented mechanism placed in the side supports that enables it to oscillate, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of comfort.

Lots of accessories have been designed to make Yu convertible and effectively suitable for all purposes: cushion in printed neoprene upholstered with a technical fabric, interlocking arm rests, under seat paper basket, anti-panic writing table, side hook for creating orderly rows of Yu.


Optima Office

Optima Office is the start of something new. Yes, because it is a new range of tables and storage units for work spaces and at the same time marks a new phase for the manufacturer.

A range with a strong, clean look that suggests a minimalist approach to design.

A solid, practical and well-defined range including all of the elements needed to work effectively.

Technical choices, the selection of suitable materials such as aluminium, have made it possible to create complex solutions with relative ease. Optima Office has two options for the legs, both of them in tubular metal: one in the form of an upturned V, the other in the form of a T. The system can be equipped with three different types of drawers (on wheels, under table and flush) and two different pull-out containers, designed to be used with the desks. 

The large storage units with doors, integral adjustable shelves and suspended-files storage complete the collection. All of the surfaces have a matt white finish, but the front surfaces of the drawers and large storage units are available in six different colours and two types of wood.



An office chair is a microcosm of functional elements that together must satisfy dictates related to regulations and ergonomic properties. Blue is all of this! Blue responds perfectly to eight hours of use a day, or even more, five days a week, twelve months a year. Try it and you will understand! Blue’s innovative appearance is to be admired, but above all you will appreciate its high-performing design. Comfort is not achieved by chance but is the result of a wealth of design experience supported by a strong and rigorous design with great aesthetic balance.



Captain is an armchairs system for managerial sector, with a particular pure and elegant aesthetic.